Basic info!!1!

Prns and stuff :)

Likez and dizlikez!!11


Trigerz :/ !!11!

Confort characterzz!!!1!

Musiks and extraz!!1!

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i am an ambivert
that likes 2000's internet and playlists on yt and spotify <3

i'm also obsessed with mushrooms and i really like minecraft!!!!🍄

im a meltally ill pintrest user lmao XD

My name is Mush!! you can also call me Bedrock or Enderman!!1!1
I don´t like 2 say my age , i like scenecore, weirdcore,cottagecore,dreamcore,trendercore,and other corez!!!!!1!
i'm also from Brazil, sorry for my incorrect spelling!!1!
=== Prns,gender and stuff!!====
I use any prns bc i don't really care , i'm a non binary gurl and also a lesbian!!11!


Dni !!1!1
basically my dizlikes but yea
triggerz!!!!111! (TW)
H4t1ng on mu5hr00m5 (like, mu5hr00m5 4r3 u53l355)
EXTREME 5*xu4l1z4710n

Likez !!1!1!
i like mushrooms, talking abt mushrooms , minecraft, horror games,2000's internet, scene stuff,
mentally ill pintrest users, lgbtq+ peep, cool people in general :)
homophobia,transphobia, people who belive autism has a cure >:( ,superstraights,superlesbians,supergays,superbisexuals and those things in general >:(

mom (friday night funkin)
all friday night funkin characters lol
Raquelle (yes life in the dreamhouse lmao)
i also simp for cass and nene but we don't talk about that-

Confort characterz!!11!
my confort characters are a little weird but they are amazing in my opinion <33
Cassandra (from pico's school) <33
Nene (also from pico's school)
Girlfriend (friday night funkin)
Senpai (also from friday night funkin)
boyfriend (yes friday night funkin)

i have a little sister and i like drawing a lot , i stay on internet all day and i like talking with people online :)
i'll probably uptade this page X3

Fav musics!!!!
I really like 64 white little things (Cake Bake Betty)
I also LOVE 4 morant (Doja Cat), ik she doesn't like the song but it's my coping songg!!!1!1!
Daddy issues (the neighbourhood) slowed is also <3
All slowed songs are so good like-

Socialzz >u<



personal acc: @bread_
kuromi ouo=
Ask on dms :)